Herbal & Holistic medicine in the 21st century

Restoring the roots of wholeness with compassion and Nature's wisdom

                                                            About John Weeks

 I have been involved with the holistic and complementary field for over 20 years. My training has involved furthering and integrating knowledge of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western Holistic Medicine.

Whoever you are, whatever your issue may be; my role is to help you be who you want to be.

There are no impossible circumstances; only new ways of possibility. More

I am told my down to earth attitude encourages patients and clients to appreciate the physical, emotional, mental (and sometimes spiritual) aspects of an holistic approach to life. I consider that we all have the ability and choice to bring our lives into balance; and that each approach is unique to that person.

I have also trained within the RASA, Reiki & Seichem healing system as a Master-Teacher. And also as a licensed practitioner of Meridian Therapies (which includes EFT™) with the UK Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT). I encourage you to consider why you may have imbalanced health or issues; and how it can reflect your journey through life.

Previous to being involved with the holistic and complementary fields I studied Sciences to MSc level. Yet even at this time (ironically), I started to question whether pharmaceutical drugs and their application within conventional medicine were the best and only method of treating acute dis-ease and more chronic health conditions.

I also began to naturally consider the impact that pharmaceuticals had on the environment chemically. Any chemical substance be it synthetic or natural that bio-accumulates will generate an imbalance. Nature (including our own bodies) has difficulty breaking down most pharmaceutical synthetics; and what does not degrade begins to accumulate and become toxic. So it may seem understandable how what began as personal interests over a couple of decades ago while at university has developed into a career.


Qualifications & Affiliations

Registered Herbalist (Dip CH), September 2003 [Degree equivalent course]

Clinical practice - Nanjing, China (2001) 

                                                                London (2002) with PJ Cousin MBAcC

RASA Reiki Master-Teacher (Level 3), March 2001

RASA Seichem Master-Teacher (Level 3), March 2001 

Certified Meridian Therapist (CP.AMT), July 2000    


Fully insured with Balens (underwritten by Zurich Insurance plc)

Friend of the Spiritual Workers Association


Personally, I find holistic medicine is more analogous to the Natural world, it aims to bring the whole person into balance, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; by treating the branch, trunk and roots of any health issue. Holistic medicine treats the person by helping them attain and maintain balanced health; rather than addressing just the symptoms.

Conventional medicine is more akin to bio-mechanics, it views the body more as a bio-physiological machine and fixes health conditions by addressing health issues symptomatically rather than the whole person. It tends to use pharmaceuticals to suppress and chemically alter health symptoms, this can lead to the development of further (iatrogenic) conditions that are more related to drug-drug interactions (polypharmacy) than the original medically diagnosed condition.

Conventional medicine, in my professional opinion has and does help people to heal, it acts as a catalyst (as do all healing modalities); whether through surgery or pharmaceutical treatment. There are many wise and capable doctors, nurses, dentists and physiotherapists, osteopaths (to name a few) that continue to help people on their healing journey. It just has a different approach to holistic medicine. Yet if we combined the two approaches; everyone benefits. I actively encourage any patient to use holistic treatment in conjunction with conventional medicine; a more integrated approach. We all have the ability and choice to bring our lives (and health) into balance; and that each approach is unique to each person. Naturally, each person responds differently to each treatment.