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                                        Herbal Prescriptions

 Herbal Prescription Fees

Herbal prescriptions are charged to the patient in addition to Herbal Consultation fees.

Herbal medicines are only ordered for patients after an Herbal consultation or Follow-up appointment.

All herbal medicines and herbal products must be pre-paid before ordering or requesting bespoke herbal products.

An herbal prescription normally lasts a month (28-30 days on average).

     Prices may vary according to your dosage and the availability of herbs required for your individual herbal prescription.

Every care is taken to keep costs at affordable levels.


Prescriptions are payable at the time of your Herbal Consultation

The prescription fee includes all material cost of herbs in encapsulated or liquid form (and P+P when requested).


Herbal Tinctures

                                   2-4 weeks supply - £25.00 (for 250ml, based on adult dose of 2.5ml - 5ml, three times daily) (excluding P & P)

                                   4-8 weeks supply - £35.00 (for 500ml, based on adult dose of 2.5ml - 5ml, three times daily) (excluding P & P)



             Potentilla reptans


Herbal Capsules (300mg - 350mg each)

Please be aware that the supply of quality, encapsulated herbs are more limited than tinctures.

I do my absolute best to source the best quality herbs for all herbal prescriptions.


                                                                300 capsules, bespoke herbal prescription - £35.00 (excluding P & P) 

                                                                500 capsules, bespoke herbal prescription - £50.00 (excluding P & P)


Other Herbal Preparations

  Should you need other herbal preparations such as:

 Tea blends & Tinctures 

Creams & Ointments

Salves, Infused Oils or Suppositories  

Please do ask.


If I feel that these are necessary for the treatment of your condition then either I will make it specifically for you,

obtain the herbal formulation from ethical and sustainable suppliers; or put you in touch with them.


Prices for bespoke preparations start from £7.50 for creams & ointments (60ml Jar)

Prices for bespoke preparations start from £10.00 for liniment, infused oils & herbal sprays

Wild crafted herbal tinctures start from £15.00 (250ml), supply depends on seasonal availability.


Post & Packaging

                           Postage costs are as follows:
                                                                           from £5.00 per 250ml herbal tincture, or any encapsulated herbal prescription
                                                                           from £7.00 per 500ml herbal tincture
         These prices are subject to the carrier changing their prices
         All herbal prescriptions are normally sent by 1st class Royal Mail or Courier; please allow 4 to 7 working days for delivery.
        You can either collect your herbal prescription or bespoke herbal product from my practice in Rushden.
        Or for your convenience, pay for it to be sent to your home or place of work.
        As of 1st May 2011, due to EU herbal medicine directives, the distribution of your herbal prescriptions has changed. 
        All herbal prescriptions are now sent to me for distribution.
          "Herbal medicines suppliers in the UK are no longer allowed to dispatch herbal prescriptions directly to patients at the request of Herbal practitioners.
            They can  make them up and send herbal prescriptions to practitioners and then forward them on to their patients."

   Ridiculous I know, however  my suppliers and I have to abide by these rules.  Hopefully, when Statutory Regulation comes into force completely herbal suppliers will      be allowed to send prescriptions directly to you again.

        Full Terms and Conditions of Herbal Supply are available to read.



Methods of Payment

It couldn't be simpler, all prescriptions to be paid using:

Cash  (GB Pounds Sterling)

BACs (please contact me for details) 


My admin email is herbalspirit@hotmail.com