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Read for yourself the comments of past/current herbal patients and clients who have used my holistic practice over the past few years.

If you want to copies of these testimonials, I am more than happy to provide them after seeking permission from their authors.


Cheryl - Northamptonshire
"I've first contacted John (Herbal Spirit) in June 2012 after attending the doctor's on numerous occasions regarding issues I was having with my stomach.  The doctor just kept advising me that I had IBS and to try cutting out certain foods to see what the route cause (this didn't help in the slightest). I was also told to exercise a little more as this also helped my symptoms of IBS.  My issue was that I already went to the gym twice weekly and my particular symptoms left me with very little energy to exercise.  I was most of the time looking for the nearest toilet, that's if I could leave the house.

When I met with John he put me at ease so I didn't feel embarrassed about talking about the symptoms of IBS. We spoke in-depth about my particular symptoms, my diet, how much I drank etc.  At the end of the initial consultation he said he would send me a herbal tincture that may help my IBS symptoms. He also showed my breathing exercises that work - I have to say I've never looked back!!!  I now feel comfortable to go out (and not having to look for the nearest toilet) and I have more energy to exercise.

I would definitely recommend herbal medicine and Herbal Spirit - it definitely works!!!"

Ian in Consett, Durham

"John is very professional. He took great care and travelled beyond boundaries to reach what was required to bring about the healing process in his knowledge of herbs, EFT and along with his energetic systems. His knowledge of the Meridian structure and its composite is very solid. The results that I personally experienced were profound and life changing."


Maxine in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire

"I have been treated by John Weeks since Spring 2009. Before I received herbal treatment, I was at the mercy of the NHS, which didn't meet my needs. The service I receive, is second to none, and I plan to stay in the care of my herbalist, as my health and strength has dramatically increased."


Sinead in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire

"John is very professional, non-judgemental and takes great care and time with his treatments. I was very pleased with the treatments that I had including herbal treatment, EFT, Reiki and Seichem healing. I felt secure and safe in his treatments and was able to move through some very difficult times with his help. With the herbal treatments, the help was greatly appreciated as I was able to heal without any side-effects that allopathic medicine would have produced. This I liked very much. I would be happy to recommend John. The results that I personally experienced were profound and life changing."


Keith in Rushden, Northamptonshire

"I'm pleased to confirm that John treated me from May 2008 up to September 2009. During this time he successfully helped me to stop my sensitivity to the sun, especially when I went on my holiday to Egypt and Spain. Additionally when I had prostate problems his herbal remedies really resolved my problems and helped me when I was depressed with the lack of success from NHS creams and ointments. His indepth monthly counselling during this time helped me raise my spirits and see me through."


Iona in Olney, Buckinghamshire

"I found John Weeks through the internet, having had previous good results with our son using Chinese Herbal medicine. In a very calm, relaxed and soothing way, John worked his way through the ailments, symptoms and issues that were persistently troubling me. Despite , literally, years of the NHS trying to cure my skin problems with successively stronger and stronger treatments, nothing was improving.

With John gradually "tweeking" my herbal medication, the inflammation was much reduced and my stress levels lowered. John warned me it would not be an "instant" fix, and indeed it took several months, though was well worth the effort, and I would highly recommend both John and his treatments to any prospective client."


Jo in Kettering, Northamptonshire

"Many thanks for your continued support."


Kate in London

" Despite being super alternative I first saw John as I couldn't get an appointment with my GP for weeks and I had a peculiar arm rash that was not disappearing. This was a few years ago and since then I've seen him for bespoke herbal tinctures, Reiki and attended his excellent workshops. I cannot recommend him and his work highly enough.
Your consultations will be relaxed and informative and should you choose to attend the workshops you will never look back. These workshops contain invaluable knowledge and the added bonus is, learning to make your own remedies and cosmetics is pretty cost efficient so you will even save some £s!!!"